Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rebuttal Rebuttal Rebuttal Can the libeled victims of Mary Cummins sue her attorneys for her libelous threatening blog?

Coming Soon. Can Mary Cummins victims sue Mary Cummins attorneys The Law Offices of Rheuban & Gresen for negligence and libel, for allowing Mary Cummins to continue to make links in Google on her libelous defamatory threatening blog? Are the Law Offices of Rheuban & Gresen legally responsible for Mary Cummins death threats to her victims such as LA City Beat reporter Annette Stark, rescuer Daniel Guss and attorney Tiffany Krog? Can't they control their client PSYCHO MARY CUMMINS who obviously has no respect for the law? And since they can't, and they have allowed Mary Cummins to continue to libel and threaten her victims, are the Law Offices of Rheuban & Gresen responsible for this? And why haven't they called LAPD Anti Terrorism to find out what a dangerous nutcase their client Mary Cummins is, as seen through the eyes of LA Law Enforcement?

Lawyers weigh in. Coming soon.

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UPDATE Posting questions from Private Rescuer Blog

The Mary Cummins Is The LA Cyberstalker Team learned this very minute in emails from rescuers posting to the private blog @ that rescuers plan to go to Board of Animal Services Commission meetings in the future to ask these questions:

Why did Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart and Commissioner Kathy Riordan assist Mary Cummins in her reign of terror over private innocent citizens? And now that the truth is out, why haven't they been fired?

Why were Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart and Animal Commissioner Kathy Riordan permitted to associate with Mary Cummins (aka, aka Ann Angeleno, aka The LA Chicken) long after the LAPD Threat Assessment unit cautioned them about Cummins' postings on the LADAS website? (This key piece of information, which Riordan and Bickhart withheld from the victims of Mary Cummins was blurted out in one of the first paragraphs of the resignation letter by ex-Commissioner Marie Atake on the Labor Day Weekend, of all things.)

Why did Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart defend Mary Cummins by libeling private citizens even after Mary Cummins made it known to both Bickhart and Kathleen Riordan (ex-mayor Richard Riordan's daughter) that Mary Cummins planned to frivilously sue LA City? Does Jim Bickhart secretly support his crazy ex-girlfriend?

To quote one email: "Wake up LA. Is this any way for your city government to act? Demand the ethical government that you pay for. Demand that the mayor start asking some hard questions and demand it happens now!"

Updates, and all proposed meeting dates, will be posted as they come in. Read on...