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LA's Animal Pals :: Please Read New Post--Safety Tips

A note about the Psycho Mary Cummins Animal Advocates Nutcase victims blogs:

We realize that some of you are amused, because this crackpot is often comical in her dealings--like it's pretty funny that this delusional nutcase Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates lies in emails to LA City Council that law-abiding women want to "rape and kill" her.

And these are ALL normal, happily married beautiful women who are prettier, smarter, younger and far more successful than PSYCHO MMMARYINLA's looser ass. Which is of course beside the point. NONE OF THESE WOMEN ARE CRIMINALS.

Ya it's funny, but keep your eyes on the ball folks. These allegations--including Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates insane allegations in her frivolous lawsuit against LA City and LAAS GM Ed Boks--are the work of an extremely demented person. Can you imagine for one minute that LA City, Ed Boks and Dr. Gary Michelson of all people "paid" Mary Cummins to "blog anonymously." Do you believe for ONE MINUTE that this was the job description? Before we get to the fact that Mary Cummins was an LAAS volunteer and she originally told Ed Boks, The Department of Animal Services, the LAAS employees and You the People that she would work on the website for free.

Not to mention that while Mary Cummins was being paid to do a job she should have been doing for free (badly we might add as she wouldn't or couldn't work in the program that the website was designed in and the website she did was a nightmare--an ugly blue waste of funds that belonged to the animals) Mary Cummins was also trying unsuccessfully to get Dr. Gary Michelson to invest in her "pet taxi" business!


But, if you happen to believe any of Mary Cummins many blatant lies and misrepresentations of that situation, well then please tell us who "paid" Mary Cummins to harass and defame all those other victims well past the point when Mary Cummins was fired as an LAAS volunteer and banned from LA City rescue in July 2006?

And then please explain to us who "paid" Mary Cummins to harass and defame the many innocent people that she maliciously attacked for ten years? Who paid her to steal the BMW Beverly Hills name to the point they had to SUE Mary Cummins and got it back in court, to attack Easy Riders and the Harley Davidson investors, to attack stock investors to the point that Mary Cummins (sometimes posting as "Mary Mother of God" and sometimes stealing other's identities) was finally banned from posting on Silicon Investor? Who "paid" Mary Cummins to spy on her neighbors, to libel and file false reports on rescuers, reporters, attorneys, stock investors, and even Found Foundation president Dave Loftus ? How about Mary Cummins INSANE claims on her LA's Animal Friends blog that ADLLA's Pamelyn Ferdin threatened to "harm" her. Did anyone with half a brain ever for one minute believe this? Is there anyone out there who believed Mary Cummins was "anonymous" on LA's Animal Friends because of her INSANE allegations that she feared for her life?

(oh ya, city hall slug Jim Bickhart hung around this nutjob and bragged about how "brilliant" and "credible" she is, but is there anyone out there willing to come forth and defend this fatass anymore?)

There you go. Because when we're talking about Psycho Mary Cummins, we know this behavior is so outrageous that we accept you might find it funny. But we are deadly serious here! We have spoken to law enforcement, psychiatrists---EXPERTS--and even a Doctor that Mary Cummins harassed! And we have concluded that this malicious nut must never be taken lightly.

So, if Mary Cummins has accused you of "death threats" against her, what does that tell you? If Mary Cummins says you "vandalized her home and car" if Mary Cummins posts that you are dead, that you died, that your husband died, that you are a member of the ALF, that you are dangerous to her, that you are "spying" on her, driving by her house, taking photos of the cars in the driveway AND BELIEVE US MARY CUMMINS THE PSYCHO HAS WRONGFULLY ACCUSED HER VICTIMS OF THIS AND EVEN MORE...well, laugh if you can because Mary Cummins of is an irrational nut and we know that she can sound as stupid as shit, which is funny because Mary Cummins and Jim Bickhart loved to tell you what a genius she is...and yes, you're right: Mary Cummins is a demented liar with a million dumb scams that still can't keep her fat libelous ass out of foreclosure two times a year...why not just ignore her?

ALRIGHT, we considered this. We're not even the first ones to have said it it, but think about this. What is this maniac, this "mirror" this "narcissist" actually saying when she makes these sick allegations? Because we know no one has done these things to Mary Cummins. Is she saying she's planning these horrid "dirty deeds" for us? How does she otherwise form these SICK NOTIONS IN HER HEAD??????

Ah... there you go. And that is why The Mary Cummins Is The LA Cyberstalker Team formed to begin with and that is why we're here. That's why the victims blogs will not go down. Not ever. Because, people need this information, which is 100 percent the truth.

As we continue to this very day to get contacted by rescuers, neighbors, victims and former "friends" of this MADWOMAN, we realize that the blogs are working and victims are finding help. And, we become more convinced than ever that this Psycho Nutcase who has surveillance cameras on her neighbors, who try to prevent people from working in their front yards, who has spy cameras on the front of her house and blogged for two years that NORMAL PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT CRIMINALS WANT TO "KILL HER"...MARY CUMMINS OF ANIMAL ADVOCATES is a deeply paranoid lunatic, and you do not take this Madwoman Mary Cummins lightly. Do not take her claims of "shooting with wild cops" lightly, her obsession with guns, her support of convicted racketeer Anthony Elgindy, her amusement when she contributed to the destruction of decent people's lives and retirement, her "identity theft" and email forgeries...and on and on.

When you look at the sick photos Mary Cummins posted of animals online, ask yourself this question: What kind of a MADWOMAN does this?

Yes, it's cracked, and maybe it's funny, but it's a window on to who this nutjob Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates really is. And you just cannot take Mary Cummins wild insane lying claims about what others are trying to do to her with a grain of salt. Certainly we don't. We keep thinking about what LA City Councilwoman Janice Hahn had the guts to tell us and did not ever apologize for saying it. "Mary Cummins is a terrorist."

Please read LA's Animal Pals latest post: Safety Tip @

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UPDATE Posting questions from Private Rescuer Blog

The Mary Cummins Is The LA Cyberstalker Team learned this very minute in emails from rescuers posting to the private blog @ that rescuers plan to go to Board of Animal Services Commission meetings in the future to ask these questions:

Why did Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart and Commissioner Kathy Riordan assist Mary Cummins in her reign of terror over private innocent citizens? And now that the truth is out, why haven't they been fired?

Why were Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart and Animal Commissioner Kathy Riordan permitted to associate with Mary Cummins (aka, aka Ann Angeleno, aka The LA Chicken) long after the LAPD Threat Assessment unit cautioned them about Cummins' postings on the LADAS website? (This key piece of information, which Riordan and Bickhart withheld from the victims of Mary Cummins was blurted out in one of the first paragraphs of the resignation letter by ex-Commissioner Marie Atake on the Labor Day Weekend, of all things.)

Why did Deputy Mayor Jim Bickhart defend Mary Cummins by libeling private citizens even after Mary Cummins made it known to both Bickhart and Kathleen Riordan (ex-mayor Richard Riordan's daughter) that Mary Cummins planned to frivilously sue LA City? Does Jim Bickhart secretly support his crazy ex-girlfriend?

To quote one email: "Wake up LA. Is this any way for your city government to act? Demand the ethical government that you pay for. Demand that the mayor start asking some hard questions and demand it happens now!"

Updates, and all proposed meeting dates, will be posted as they come in. Read on...